How to set up a wireless printer?

Wireless printers are high-tech printers which are able to perform even scanning and copying other than printing. These printers are capable of carrying these three essential features in a single machine. Wireless printers give the user convenience to not to connect them with pc through USB cable. These devices are little higher in range than the wired printers as they carry substantial features than a wireless printer.

Before operating a printer, one has to set up the printer. To set up the printer an individual has to go through two operations.

  1. First one is to connect it with the Wi-Fi of your system
  2. The second one is to connect it with the device which is capable of printing the device that can either be desktop or any other smart gadget.

Here are some steps to add a wireless printer in your Wi-Fi in the home

  1. First, perform the connection between your printer and your desktop.
  2. To perform the above function, open the settings in your wireless printer
  3. Then, Click on Network Settings
  4. Select the Wi-Fi setup.
  5. Your printer will start the search for the network within its range.
  6. Identify your Network Name from the list of available Network names.
  7. Then enter your password on the password field.
  8. Once, your printer is connected to your home network then you have to add it with your system.
  9. On your desktop click on the Start button then go to the control panel.
  10. Select the device or device and printers.
  11. Then click on Add a Printer.
  12. Click on your Printer which will be shown on the list.
  13. Your Printer will successfully be added to your system.

Canon Printers

Canon is one of the most reputed organizations all over the world. The organization is not only famous for manufacturing printers but also for gadgets like cameras, routers, scanners, photocopy machinestripods, and other smart gears too. These smart devices are capable of printing high quality of colorful documents with the sharp images embedded within the documents. Canon printers have successfully able to meet the needs of the customers with their throughput performance. These printers are differentiated with their different specialties as some are specialized in speed and some are in printing sharp images.

Canon printers have not let any feature slip through their hands, which has afforded the consumers to be fully satisfied with their devices. These cost-effective printers are capable to deliver the results in shorter timelines with their throughput speed.

How to add a Canon Printer?

Canon Printers are available as both wired and wireless one. The wired Printers have a reliable connection and once it has set up, an individual has not to perform it again and again. These devices are highly resourceful in performing the quick setup with your system.

Here are some steps with the help of which you can Install a wired Printer

  •  Perform the Connection– Plugin your printer with the switch and turn it on. If you want to keep an Ethernet Connection of the Internet within your Printer, you will be requiring an Ethernet cable in order to attach it with the system.
  •  Installation of CD– Insert the CD into your DVD writer open it through MY Computer Begin the installation with the double click and follow the onscreen instructions to properly install the printer. Install the Driver of your Printer as well with the help of the CD.

Install canon printer via cd

  • Connect your network with the printer– Open the Network settings of your Printer through its LCD. Click on your Network Name and fill the password to enable the connection with your printer.
  • Connect your system with the same network in which your printer is connected– The printer, as well as your system, should be connected with the same Wi-Fi network in order to receive the instruction given by the user to the printer. In case, your system is not connected with the same network as your printer, then your printer can’t be able to receive the command given by an individual.

Install it in your windows.

To allow the drivers within your Printers to perform their functions efficiently, you have to install them along with your Printers. Here are some steps with which I am familiarizing you about to install it in the windows.

  1. Click on the Windows logo at the justify bottom of the screen.
  2. Then, click on settings logo located on the justify bottom of the screen.
  3. Click on Device, which you will be able to locate on the top of the window.
  4. Select Printers and Scanners.
  5. Click on ADD a Printer at the top of the window.
  6. Locate the version number of your Canon Printer in “Printers and Scanners section”,
  7. Click on your Printer to successfully connect the Printer with your computer. Let the connection process complete, after then you will be able to perform any action in your Printer with your computer.

Types of Connection

You can perform the connection of your Printer with the help of three connections. The technology of our modern era has allowed us to easily connect with these devices with the help of three links according to our requirements. These connections have their own pros and cons. An individual can pick one of this connection according to the requirement of his or hers. These three connections are beneficial in every manner to fulfill your purpose with the printers.

Three types of connection

  1.  USB connection– USB connection is the wired type of connection that exists between your system and the printers. It is the common type of connection that almost everyone uses. This is one of the most reliable connections in all of those three connections. In this type of connection, a USB cable is attached in order to create a link between your printer and the system. This is a little time-consuming process but still worth it. As the connection is the wired one, it gives the convenience to the user to not to set it up again and again. This process also does not require the user to know any technicalities in order to configure this process
  2. Wi-Fi connection– Wi-Fi Connection is the type of connection in which the link between the printer and the system is done with the help Wi-Fi signals. This is considered as the smartest type of connection and a convenient one. This connection uses the Wi-Fi radiation to establish the connection between your desktop and the printers.

Connect your network with the printer

Your system has to be within the Wi-Fi zone of your printer to establish the strengthening and an appropriate connection between them. A good range will help in the enhancing the functionality and essence of your printers. Once you are out of the Wi-Fi zone of your system, your printer will drop its functionality and cannot be able to perform the instruction that the user has demanded.

  1. Web-Interface connection- Third and last type of connection is the web interface connection in which an individual uses the internet to get the access of his printer. If you do not want to perform these two above connection then you have the last and only option of the web interface connection in order to get the thing done by your Printer. In this type of connection, your printer performs the activity given by the user through the Web.

The web platform plays a significant role in establishing this connection. Without the internet, you cannot be able to deliver your instructions to your Printer. The user has the convenience to place his printer in any location, as in this connection your device does not use any type of Wi-Fi signals. From anywhere, user can access his or her printer and control his printer in an efficient manner.

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