Heavy drop in internet connections are common and at the same time, an encounter with the issues which are slowing down the performance of your router is a nightmare for any Linksys routers. Drop in the connection, can be due to a variety of reasons.  Sometimes, issues can be from your Internet service provider side also and can be due to an imbalance in networking settings of the web interface of the Linksys routers. Network settings should be configured properly during Linksys router setup, in order to bring the prominent result in the network performance. Some common issues due to the web interface of Linksys routers are

  • Change in MTU size ( Maximum Transmission Unit)
  • Imbalance in the broadcasting channel of your server.
  • Interference of other transmissions through other devices.
  • The firmware of the Linksys router needs an upgrade

Change in MTU size can also be the reason behind the sudden drop in your Internet connection of Linksys smart wifi. MTU size should be kept within the mentioned unit to bring out the efficient utilization of the Linksys routers. If in any case, you have assigned more units than the mentioned unit of MTU, then it can cause the loss in heavy data packets within your server. These units of MTU can easily be adjusted through www.linksyssmartwifi.com or with the help of Linksys connect.

Follow these below instructions to successfully change the MTU size within your router.

  • Launch the web browser with www.linksyssmartwifi.com on the address browser.
  • Linksys router login page of your AC1900 will appear.

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