Why my Canon Printer is not scanning?

Sometimes your Canon Printer does not scan, this problem can be the cause of various factors. These factors become the strong reason that does not allow your Printer to scan. Here are some factors that lead your printer losing the functionality of scanning.

  1.    Error while communicating with the system.
  2.    An error occurred while connecting with the network of your system.
  3.    Your printer is not within the Wi-Fi range of your computer.
  4.    No computer found.
  5.    Scan to your PC is unavailable.
  6.    Scan to computer is inactivated.
  7.    The process of scanning is unsuccessful.
  8.    The scanner is not initialised.
  9.    Drivers of your printers got corrupted from threats and bugs.
  10.     The scanner cannot be initialised as USB cable get loose.

Why is printer printing blank pages.?

Sometimes your printer prints blank pages. This particular hindrance can be sorted out by various options.

Here are some of the options that you should try if you face this kind of problem

Try the following

  1.    Check your print head nozzle as there might be the case that your nozzles are clogged. Clean the print head for the proper function of the nozzle.
  2.    Make sure you have selected an appropriate size of settings in the printing program.
  3.    Check your Skip Blank page setting in your Printing software, that might be the cause of printing blank pages.

What should I do if my printer is facing Network Scanning Error?

In case your Printer is facing the Network Scanning error, then follow these instructions that might resolve your problem. Here some of these-

  1.    Confirm that issue is also print related or not.
  2.    Restart the drivers of your printer and check the scan settings in your drivers.
  3.    Check your network and the status of your printer connection.
  4.    Download and run HP Print and Scan Doctor.
  5. Uninstall the Printer software and reinstall them

What can be the issue if my Printer has never worked over the Network.?

Here are the issues that lead you Printer to not to sometimes worked over the Network

  1.    Check your printer is even connected over the network or not.
  2.    Also, check the software of your printer has installed yet or not.
  3.    Check the settings of your network you are using.
  4.    Are you running the firewall or any other program as a security application on your computer?
  5.    Power cycle your devices including your router, printer as well as your desktop.

How do I clean the printheads of my canon pixma Printers?

Here are the steps to clean the printheads of your canon printer

  1.    Turn on the power button of your printer.
  2.    Open your cartridge door of the printer.
  3.    Place all the cartridges on a piece of paper after removing them.
  4.    Note: Do not leave the cartridges longer than 30 seconds.
  5.    Lift on the latch handle of the print cartridges until it stops.
  6.    Now, lift up to remove the printhead.
  7.    Then, Remove the printhead and clean it.

Note: There are basically three areas of printheads to clean – electrical contacts, the edge between nozzles and the plastic ramps on both side of the nozzles

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